How to Hide Photos on Android & Protect Private Images

How to Hide Photos on Android & Protect Private Images

Although most of the photos on your cellphone will be the photos that you are proud of, there are always some that you like from other people that you accidentally find. This might indicate that you are thinking about buying for a loved one, a screenshot of a job advertisement, or just someone else you want to keep confidential. So how can you make sure photos don’t appear when you go to share things on social media or if you forward your cellphone to friends or family members when they need to check something?

There are various ways to hide photos on an Android phone, and here are some of the best.

How to hide photos on Samsung phones

If you have a Samsung Android phone, you already have the Secure Folder option which is the best way to keep your private photos private. Other manufacturers have variants on this theme. Huawei phones have PrivateSpace, and LG offers Content Lock, so it’s best if you check that your cellphone already provides some sort of privacy option like this.

To use Safe Folders, go to Settings> Biometrics and security> Safe Folders. You must agree to the terms and conditions and enter your Samsung account details before you can activate and run Safe Folder.


Once created, set which security method will be used to restrict access, then all that’s left is to move the file to a folder. You will see a list of applications on the Safe Folder page that you can tap to access the relevant files, plus there are Add apps and Add files at the bottom of the page that you can use to go directly to your device.


Tap the Add file option, then select Image from the menu that appears. Tap the photo that you want to move, then when you have it, tap the Done option in the upper right corner. You will be asked if you want to move or copy the file, so select Move if not everyone who has access to your phone can still see it.

There she is. The photos will now not be visible but are safe and you can access them at any time by navigating to the Safe Folder application and tapping the Gallery option. The process is quite similar to the other brands we mentioned, with saved files that can only be accessed via your fingerprint, PIN, or password.

Can I manually hide photos on Android?

If you like editing file names and taking a more direct approach, then there is a simple way to turn normal files and photos into Hidden Files. All this requires adding a full period (period) to the beginning of the file name. We have a standalone tutorial that explains how to hide files on Android, so see the step-by-step guide for the process.

How to use the application to hide photos on Android

In addition to secure folders and hidden files that can be used on Android, there are a number of specialized applications that make the process much simpler for most users. Some of the most popular on the Google Play Store are LockMyPix, Hide Something, Photo & Video Locker, Vaulty, and many others. Everything works the same way, providing a secure folder on the device where you keep the files that you want to keep private.

For example, the Vault Gallery is a very popular application with a smart interface and many features. You can use it for free (although this has a monthly file limit of 100) or register for an annual fee of £ 5.95 / $ 7.50.


Simply install the application, grant access to your files, add a passcode, link your Google account for recovery, then tap the big Plus button followed by Add Pictures & Videos to search for the file and add it to your secure folder.

If you are worried about maintaining your anonymity online too, we also recommend using a privacy browser and VPN for Android because both will continue to peek eyes.

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